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Affinitée & Piaffinitée


What the venues say:

From: "Craig Franklin" <>
Date: Wed Nov 06, 2002 02:04:32 PM Etc/GMT
To: "1 World Music" <>
Subject: Re: piaffinitee

Piaffinitee has proven to be the most popular act at the pig finca cafe. It is now always fully booked, with people often booking on the same night for the next performance. Djamilla and Basil create a charged atmosphere with a beautiful, unfaltering performance. Djamillas voice fits wonderfully with Basils powerful and emotional playing and even those unfortunates who have never heard of the great Edith Piaf (and lets face it there are more and more of those about) are drawn into a better time and a better place. Looking forward to the next performance!

"This is fabulous mood music which, like good champagne, is best enjoyed with friends or lovers. Try not to be carried away by Djamila's voice, which comes straight from the boites of Paris."
> Voila
And I attach the present schedule of the dates I'd like Piaffinity to play here next year.  There are likely to be more added by our guests but if you could confirm these it would be great.  

Kind regards


Burgh Island Hotel

Date: Wed Jun 04, 2003 02:40:42 PM Europe/London

Piaffinitee were a great success. Thanks for everything. We have received many comments about the performance and everyone enjoyed it very much.

We would like to have you back again next year, will be in touch in the Autumn, hopefully, to firm up any booking.

Best regards,

Di Lyon (Dartmouth Music Festival)

Many, many thanks for a superb evening last night. You were all on brilliant form and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. Looking forward to
receiving the CDs.

Christine Stott

Dear Artsreach

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed Piaffinitee at Briantspuddle on Saturday. They were excellent, gave us lots of songs and instrumental pieces. Djamila has a beautiful voice, the two instrumentalists were excellent and I can't get the songs out of my head now! I shall certainly go and see them again.
Thank you.

Fran R......

(Piaffinitee) bring to vivid life the cafe an emotive concert of performances of the highest order from all three musicians.

Dorset Echo

Fantastique ...... Mid Devon Advertiser

Piaffinitee have put together a superb show . . . . Western Gazette

Thank you all for a brilliant evening when you came to South Pool.

Very much enjoyed your concert at Shipton Gorge fantastic!!!!!!!

Djamila and Basil:

Thank you both for a great show - reactions have been really good and everyone wants us to do it again!
Thanks again,

A truly wonderful event enjoyed by all.....

One of the most respected and loved acts on the Artsreach circuit, this is a glorious celebration of the music and life of Edith Piaf. Bournmouth Echo

Bonjour! just to say a big thank you for a fantastic concert at Lympstone last night. Djamila, vous chantez si bien et avec une telle émotion, nous en étions éblouis. QUel talent! Also Basil, l'accordéoniste, thanks for such sympathetic playing and for a lovely warm sense of humour. Une soirée merveilleuse et émouvante.Please let us know if you have a mailing list for future gigs !

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